What To Bring


Aloha Parents and/or Authorized Guardians!  Here is the list of clothing that clients can bring at time of admission:

16 tops (may include one jersey tank top such as athletic wear tank top/cut sleeve jersey for P.E., and Recreational sessions)
16 bottoms
2 slippers
2 tennis/athletic shoes
1 casual shoes
12 underwear
4 towels
1 raincoat
2 sweater/jackets
2 swim suits/swim shorts
1 pair sleepwear (pajamas)
10 pairs socks

Optional items: caps/hats with snap backing, a watch (not to exceed a value of $20), any religious necklace (upon approval). We discourage bringing any item that is valuable or precious to the child in case of accidental loss.

Jewelry: clients are not allowed to have jewelry other than stud earrings (e.g., one set of earrings in the lower-ear lobe piercing). All all other piercings and/or jewelry need to be removed (e.g., rings, bracelets, chains or other decorative necklaces).

Clothes: clothing should be an appropriate length for boys/girls (e.g., shorts at knee-length). Shirts should be long enough to not show mid-drift when arms are raised. There should be no puka's (any type of holes, stylish holes) or any see-through/transparent sections for both shirts and shorts. Printed shirts should not have any logos/designs related to drugs, sex, alcohol, violence, or promotion of any type of illegal or violent behaviors (e.g., no G-unit, MMA, TapOut, or other fight wear; no red/yellow/green "rasta" colors; no skulls).

Hygiene Products: shampoo, conditioner, gel, soap, body wash. All liquid hygiene products must not have alcohol listed as the first four ingredients. All hygiene products brought to BBC upon admission must be new/unopened.