True Stories From Clients

Clients True Stories

As part of their treatment, our clients are offered the opportunity to share their experience for publication on the Bobby Benson Center website. Their stories appear below and were derived from personal interviews and/or  from written essays from each client. Comments added for clarity appear within the text in parentheses.

Story #1:"It's changed my life around."

Story #2: "I'm so grateful for Bobby Benson Center because it kept (me) on a good path."

Story #3: "Out there, it seems like you only have one chance, but you come in here, it's like you can start your life over again."

Story #4: "The staff is really good because they've been through the same things that we have."

Story #5: "They have reasonable expectations of each client and the main thing is you gotta try and meet the staff halfway and they'll take care of the rest."

Story #6: "These people are like my family, my brothers. The staff is just like brothers."

Story #7: "In this place, you'll learn how to admit that you have a problem with either alcohol or drugs because there's some point in your life where you have to admit that you're powerless." 

Story #8:  Describing his experience at the Center as “the best experience I have had in my life,” Marphil’s dream is to one day return to the Center to offer others the same kind of help he received."

Story #9: "I am honestly just thankful that there is an option for troubled teen addicts that can get the help they want or need & overall a place where there is great support & help"