Story 9 - 2015

April 16, 2015

Dear Bobby Benson,

My name is Mary Johnson & I am from Lahaina, Maui. I was intaked in Bobby Benson on October 22, 2014 & that was the last day I had my last shot & hit of meth. I grew up very troubled & distant from my family. I experienced a lot of traumatizing events which led me to trying crystal meth. I smoked my first hit when I was 14 years old. I started shooting up meth in needles when I turned 15 years old & my addiction grew dangerous. On my 16th birthday I spent it locked in a room by myself shooting up all day & night. I was selling meth & running around the whole island making money, smoking & shooting & associating with very dangerous people. I’ve shared needles with lots of my friends & took so many shots in one night that I could have almost died.


 I’ve been arrested on so many counts of drug possessions that I’ve had the cops harassing me & scaring all the people I was hanging & slanging with. Right now I have 6 pending felonies & if I was still out running around I would be in HYCF right now. I first learned about BBC in August 2014. I was planning on coming to BBC because I knew I needed help. I knew a lot of bad things were going to happen if I didn’t seek treatment when I did. It took 2 or 3 months for me to actually be able to intake. On the day of October 22, 2014 when I was intaked I missed my first flight because I was taking a shot in my arm of meth & I honestly wasn’t planning on going until my dad called me.


My dad wasn’t yelling at me, he sounded like he wanted to cry & all he said to me was “I give up” & he hung up. After that my heart literally shattered & I called my cc crying asking her to book me on the next flight. She did & after saying goodbye to my friends I met my dad at the airport & we boarded the flight. When I got to the facility of BBC, it was a tough one for my dad & the staff.


I was crying & screaming with my dad & all the staff & freaking out because I was super high. It took 5 hours to check me in. When I first got there I wasn’t planning on staying for even a day, but after I detoxed, I was finally clear headed. I cried for a straight 3 days, feeling so guilty & hurt for what I did to my family & those around me. After being in BBC for 8 days I finally came out of my shell & socialized with staff & my peers. I realized what kind of relationship I had with my family & about myself & decided it was time to change.


 I learned a lot of skills, took in a lot of information, working on DBT & my trauma with my therapists & learned a lot of healthy & great skills for a better future & for myself & relationships with others & the ones I would like to have. There were definitely times where I wanted to give up & go but I stayed & it was also all thanks to the support of the staff & my peers. I’ve been focusing on my treatment, goals & school & also myself & for the first time, I can say I am actually genuinely happy in myself & what I’ve accomplished.


I am for once hopeful for myself & my future. I now have a healthy & wonderful relationship with my family. I have As and Bs in school & I surround myself with positive people & amazing supporters. I feel blessed today that I had courage to come to treatment & make this life changing chance & met wonderful staff & peers who helped me endlessly when times were tough in BBC. Bobby Benson Center is honestly one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life & I couldn’t be any more thankful. I never would have thought being sober was amazing & I wouldn’t have realized & learned that if I didn’t come. I am honestly just thankful that there is an option for troubled teen addicts that can get the help they want or need & overall a place where there is great support & help.


 I am hopeful for the future addicts who come to BBC because it’s a chance for another youth to change their life around. Tomorrow, I discharge with 177 days sober & I can’t wait to move forward with my journey & encourage others to come to BBC & make the change for them like I did. I just wanted to write this letter to express my gratitude about how much this program has helped me & my life & how much impact it’s made on me. I am forever grateful for this amazing place & keep up the amazing work! You have no idea how many teenagers life you are changing! XOXO


 Mary Johnson