Story 7

"This place is great. This place is like my home. When I first got here . . . I didn't really fit in. I was coming straight out of lockup . . . . I had a real bad attitude because I was a punk when I was locked up . . . . But this place has given me a chance to go deep down inside. Let me open up all my feelings. Before, I kept everything inside and . . . I used to just explode for nothing over little things. I would just go off. Like if I didn't have drugs, I'd go off on my mom, I'd go after my friends, go after my brothers. I'd just snap all the time."

"Coming here is the best thing that can happen . . . . In this place, you'll learn how to admit that you have a problem with either alcohol or drugs because there's some point in your life where you have to admit that you're powerless. . . . Today, I'm so accepting of the things that happened in my life because . . . I'm powerless over everything except for my choices, and my choices are either be here or lockup. And I'd rather be here where I can get help, work on my [issues], get help from my counselors."

"We get to go out three times a week. They take us to the movies, Ice Palace, all kinds of different places and we don't have to pay a dime. Everything is first-class. Nice beds . . . brand new ceiling fans. We have a walk-in closet. Brand new classroom, big screen TV, movies three times a week. Can't get any better."  (Former Female Client, 2010)