Story 6

"This is a nice place, keeping me sober even when I go on my home passes . . . . I've learned a lot of things in here."

"I like the BBC outings. The activities that we do. Every day, we stay busy."

"These people are like my family, my brothers. The staff is just like brothers."

"My mom and dad, my nephews and nieces all come to visit. BBC brought me and my family relations closer . . . . Me and my dad never were close. When I came in here, it was weird 'cause for the first time I heard my dad tell me, 'I love you.' After 14 years, he told me "I love you'. Made my recovery even more exciting. First time he told me that. I was proud enough to say it back. I guess he sees the change in me."  (Former Male Client, 2006)