My experience at Bobby Benson Center is hard to explain from the very beginning. What I can say about Bobby Benson Center is that if you let them help you and accept their help, it can and will work. At Bobby Benson Center, the first couple of weeks, maybe even the first month, will be the hardest. It was very hard for me, being a runner and all, but after a while I got into the groove of things and it started working. I won't lie and say after the first month or so its easy, but it (gets) more comfortable. There was a lot of drama for me in there living with girls all the time, but there was those moments when everything worked out. I can say that I'm so grateful for Bobby Benson Center because it kept (me) on a good path and for once in my life, I completed something without giving up. After exactly 5 months and 11 days, I was discharged with 170 days sober and a great path in front of me. A piece of advice I can give is find a quote, a picture, (or) something that inspires you to do good in there. If you hope for the best, it will happen. So, "Hold-On-Pain-Ends" (HOPE). To any future clients planning on coming in: stay strong cause it does get better! (Former Female Client, 2013)