Keep your eyes open; watch for signs of drug use in your family.
Develop healthy family communication so your teens know that they can talk to you about anything.
Set limits and consistently enforce them. This makes it easier for teens to say "NO" when pressured by peers.
Help your teens feel good about themselves; build up their self-esteem with support, praise, and love, so they respect themselves and want to reach their dreams.
Serve as a good role model. If you have a drug or alcohol abuse problem, get help for yourself.
Help teens to make wise decisions based upon their own beliefs. Encourage them to say "NO" and avoid unhealthy situations.
Encourage teens to choose positive friendships.
Give teens the support they need to do their best in school.
Help teens deal with failure so they learn to cope without wanting to escape with drugs.
If you have problems knowing what to do, check your area's high schools, community colleges, or local hospitals to see if there are any parenting classes or lectures being offered.

Signs and Symptoms of Possible Use and/or Abuse of Drugs:

Alcohol Abuse Warning Signs:
Odor of alcohol on breath
Constantly chewing on breath mints
Slurred speech
Staggering or stumbling walk
Marijuana Warning Signs:
Red, bloodshot eyes
Increased heart rate
Mouth and throat dry
Short-term memory impaired
Motor skills impaired
Odor of marijuana on clothes
User may exhibit a giddy state in early use, leading to a lethargic state in later stage

LSD Warning Signs:
Dilated pupils
Elevated temperature and blood pressure
Possible delusions, illusions
Altered sense of time and perception of one's self

PCP Warning Signs:
Dilated pupils
Rapid eyeball movement
Low doses create a floating feeling
High doses create mental confusion and agitation

Cocaine Warning Signs:
Dilated pupils
Initial use produces a sense of euphoria, feelings of power and control
Increased talkativeness
Sniffing, signs of having a cold
Weight loss
Anxiety and paranoia

Staying up all night
Talking fast
Lots of energy followed by excessive sleep
Moody, irritable, angry
Weight loss