Entering the Program

How to get your child into the program

Every client who seeks entry into the Bobby Benson Center is screened for appropriateness and must complete rigorous interviews and personal history analysis before he or she is admitted. It is a process and may take some effort and time, but we genuinely care and want to assist potential clients and their families as much as possible. The following criteria must be met before acceptance into the program:

--Males and females between the ages of 13 and 17 years.
--The client voluntarily agrees to participate in treatment.
--The client is mentally competent and able to commit to treatment.
--Clients requiring medical detoxification and/or medical supervision will be referred to a nearby hospital for 24 to 72 hours of observation prior to admission to the Bobby Benson Center (BBC). The Clinical Director will then determine the final decision regarding admission to BBC.

Applications to BBC may be excluded for admission due to the following reasons:

--Acute medical problems requiring medical supervision and/or treatment not routinely available at the Bobby Benson Center.
--Intoxication, incapacitation and/or under the influence of alcohol and/or other drugs to the degree that the client is functionally impaired.
--Dangerous and/or disruptive behavior, threats of violence or history of violence.
--Infectious diseases, i.e. chicken pox, active hepatitis, active tuberculosis.
--Mental disorders which would preclude active program participation, e.g. psychosis, organic brain syndrome, thought disorders, and active suicidal thoughts or homicidal thoughts.
--The client is unwilling to accept program standards as defined in the Registration Form given at the beginning of the process.

If a client is not appropriate for admission to the Bobby Benson Center, the staff will make reasonable effort to refer the client to the appropriate service. Upon "release of information" approvals, the patient and family/referral contact will be informed of the reasons for ineligibility along with a subsequent referral. Referrals will be documented including contact person and outcome of referral.


--Tuberculosis (TB) Clearance dated within one year
--Physical dated within 30 days