Bobby Benson Center facility houses clients in four separate cabins: two cabins reserved for the female clients, and two cabins reserved for the male clients.  Each cabin has a specific Hawaiian name that is linked to the Hawaiian version of the "Serenity Prayer" that is widely associated with the "twelve-step" substance abuse recovery programs.  The cabins are named as follows:

Cabin 1: Maluhia (Serenity; Peaceful, Quiet, Safety, Restful)

Cabin 2: Apono (To approve; Accept) - other Hawaiian word translations for "accept" include: 'Apono, ho'apono, 'ae, lawe

Cabin 3: Wiwo’ole (Courage; Brave, Fearless, Bold)

Cabin 4: Na'auao (Wisdom; Intelligent; Developing awareness to make wise choices; Learned)


SERENITY PRAYER (Hawaiian and English Versions)

E Ke Akua,
E ha’awi mai ia’u ka maluhia
e ’ae i na mea i hiki ‘ole ai’u ke ho’ololi,
ka wiwo’ole e ho’ohuli na mea i hiki,
a me ka na’ auao e ike ai I ke ’oko’a

Grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change,
Courage to change the things I can,
and wisdom to know the difference.