Bobby Benson Center

A Place of Refuge, Help and Hope for More than 25 Years

Bobby Benson Center is a facility dedicated to offering Hawaii's adolescents the assistance they need in overcoming substance abuse.

We firmly believe that our residential program provides a path to a brighter future for those struggling with chemical dependency. We invite you to explore our website and discover what the Bobby Benson Center has to offer -- a place of refuge, help and hope!

Named after 15-year-old Bobby Benson, who died in 1984 after a short life troubled by drug abuse, Bobby Benson Center currently maintains a facility with a licensed 30-bed capacity that includes four separate cottages on a beautiful landscape.

Entering the Program

How to get your child into the program

Every client who seeks entry into the Bobby Benson Center is screened for appropriateness and must complete rigorous interviews and personal history analysis before he or she is admitted.

It is a process and may take some effort and time, but we genuinely care and want to assist potential clients and their families as much as possible.

True Stories From Clients

As part of their treatment, our clients are offered the opportunity to share their experience for publication on the Bobby Benson Center website. Their stories appear below and were derived from personal interviews and/orĀ  from written essays from each client. Comments added for clarity appear within the text in parentheses.

Life At The Center

Bobby Benson Center is a residential and outpatient, community-based social-learning model program designed to provide adolescents, ages 13-17, with the opportunity to gain the skills needed to develop a lasting recovery from dependency on drugs or alcohol. Specifically, the treatment program is designed to help break through the denial of drug and alcohol addiction, develop skills to manage the ups and downs of life and begin taking personal responsibility for actions.